MDF laminate skirting boards are always on trend

MDF skirting board is a molding used to finish off expansion joints between walls and laminate flooring, made of medium density MDF, 12 to 18 mm thickness, 40 to 120 mm high, laminated with PVC foil or varnished paper, in white or wood-effect color, painted white or another color on request.

MDF Medium Density Fiberboard has many advantages, it is easy to process (cutting, milling) and at the same time is characterized by high strength and environmentally friendly.

Foil and finishing paper are used to cover the strip - it is a simple material in terms of quality. PVC or PP(polypropylene) foil and lacquered paper
Our company produces MDF skirting boards covered with PVC foil and high quality paper covered with lacquer which protects the finishing surface.
The MDF board is cut to size and then covered with PVC foil or lacquered paper using polyurethane hot-melt adhesive. As a result this is resistance to moisture and scratching and an aesthetic and modern look.

A skirting board, consisting of:
MDF (medium density fiberboard)
Finishing (vinyl, PVC and PP foil and lacquered paper )

The thickness of MDF baseboard is available: 12-18mm. The most popular is skirting board of 16mm thickness. Length varies from 2000mm to 2800mm. As for the height, there are variations from 40mm to 120mm. The most popular skirting board height is 80mm.

- Durability. MDF itself is a durable material, so MDF skirting board is resistant to mechanical pressure and damage.

- Moisture. Due to the specifics of production, MDF skirting board covered with PVC or PP foil can be used in high humidity.

-Eco friendliness and hygiene. MDF boards, used for the production of skirting boards, meet European standards and have a rating of E1 or E0.5. In addition, special agents are added to increase resistance to bacteria and mildew.

- Design and decoration. You can choose from a diverse range of designs from classic to vintage and different colors. In addition to white, there is a wide range of decors to match laminate and solid wood floors.

- Easy installation. The skirting board can be installed without any special skills or experience.

Despite such an impressive list of advantages, the weaknesses of MDF skirting boards are as follows: the top layer can be damaged by mechanical impact with sharp and hard objects. When walls are uneven, skirting board installation is difficult and gaps between the wall and skirting board may be visible.

MDF skirting board can be installed in the following ways:
With special clips - metal or plastic. The clips are available in different sizes and usually match the size of the skirting board or are included in the package. This type of attachment allows you to easily remove the skirting board and install it back in place.

If the walls are leveled, the molding can be glued to the wall. However, this type of attachment does not allow you to remove the molding without damaging it.

Sometimes the MDF skirting is simply screwed to the wall with self-tapping screws. The heads of the screws are masked by the color. However, this method of fastening is not reliable enough, so if you decide to use it, it is better to additionally connect the skirting board with construction glue.

To mount a skirting board, you can use corners ( so called ''posts''), which facilitate the installation of contact surfaces .

Fitters also cut the skirting board at 90 degrees, making it easier to install. It is important that walls and corners of the room are even.

Not all MDF skirting boards are suitable for painting.The surface of a skirting board must be properly prepared for paint application, otherwise it will not adhere to the board and as a result it will not spread evenly, which will cause an unsightly appearance. Our MDF skirting boards are finished with special paper (veneer tape) and there is no need to prepare it additionally for painting. MDF skirting boards should be painted before installation. Paints for interior finishing works: alkyd, water-based, oil-based should be used in this case.The skirting board should be cleaned of dust and then paint should be applied twice, thanks to which the skirting board will be stylish and elegant.

MDF skirting boards should be cleaned with mild cleaners. When stains are difficult to remove, it is best to remove them with a mild solvent. Do not use strong solvents or abrasives.

All you need to do is choose a skirting board model and its height. It is best to choose a model based on the design of your interior. It is necessary to determine the height of the skirting board, the most popular size is currently 80 mm such a skirting board looks harmonious in the interior. We recommend to pay attention to the coating and choose PVC or polypropylene film, they have a higher density than ordinary paper, and therefore are more resistant to wear and stress. You can ask your sales advisor about this. Regarding the type of attachment, we recommend clip-mounted skirting board, which is easy to install and can be removed without damage. If you have a cable channel in the skirting board it is a big plus, you can run cables in it, for example for sound system.

If not, do not despair, you have chosen a high quality skirting board with excellent functionality.

Our company is manufacturing MDF skirting boards.We are glad to have you as our customers.