About us

Interprofiles started in 2014 and has been actively developing its distribution network in Poland until today. Our company manufactures and sells Titanium brand products.

Interprofiles Ltd. offers flooring and accessories sales in wholesale and retail channels.

At the moment we offer our Partners:

Laminated floors of AC4 and AC5 class
PVC and MDF skirting boards
Aluminum profiles (threshold strips)
XPS Underlays for floor
You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of our products, but also by our pricing policy.
Call us and see for yourself.

The Interprofiles goal is to produce flooring and accessories available to everyone, combining high quality, modern design and price. Our priority is to provide the highest level of service and create the right conditions for our partners to do business and make profits. Buy Titanium flooring and accessories - it's not just a matter of buying finishing materials. With our products you can easily create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Where you and your loved ones will always enjoy your time together.

Why buy laminate flooring and accessories from Interprofiles

We offer you high quality products at an economy segment price.

"Titanium" floors and accessories have won the hearts of consumers with their quality, stylish design and reliability.

Our company mainly specializes in manufacturing and selling Titanium flooring and accessories. We provide full customer service from selection of assortment to delivery of goods. We confidently declare that we are experts in this field. We choose the assortment and design of Titanium products ourselves. We take into account the current trends and specificity of markets in different countries. German and other Western Europe Designers are working on creating decors for laminated floors. Modern technology allows us to implement the most daring design solutions in decors, from classic to vintage.

We offer purchase of laminated floors in Poland both wholesale and retail at competitive prices.

To learn more about our products, please visit our website, and to clarify any questions, please contact our specialists by phone listed in the contacts tab.